martes, 3 de noviembre de 2015

Frightening afternoon!!!

Girls and boys from 5th year dressed up in scary costumes and had great fun singing and scaring around the school They visited all the primary classes that were expecting them with a mixture of laughter and horror

martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

Welcome again!

Hello everyone!
Another English year in our school. We are happy to be here with you and enjoy this course together!!

martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Thanks to everyone!

Our English Week has been a great success, thanks to all of you. 

We hope to see you next year and enjoy this time with us!

Mrs. Polly, Raul's Mother, came last Friday to play with us a "number bingo". 

We had very sweet prizes for everyone!!! Thanks a lot!!

jueves, 9 de abril de 2015

Easter eggs!

In 2n class, Richard Browning, Mar's Dad from P4, showed us his town in America with a live webcam. We could see some little birds and their eggs in the nests. We welcomed the Spring decorating some Easter eggs, take a look to the pictures!

Thanks Richard, it was great fun!!!


In P4 we enjoyed with Flora (Marina's sister) from 6è and Alba (Mark's sister) from 2n. They told us "We are going on a bear hunt" and "The Gingerbread Man".

We liked the stories so much, thanks girls!!!

martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Time for cupcakes!

Gina Emerson, Michael and Sofia's mother, came to do a cupcake decoration workshop. The students from 2n, 4rt and 5è enjoyed it very much.

Fantastic cupcakes!! And Gina's great job!

Thank you very much

Theatre at school

Bluemango Theatre Company has visited us these days for different shows.

"The Three Little Pigs" for P4 and P5.
"Nano" for 1r, 2n and 3r.
"Loch Ness Monster" for 4rt.
"Who's Who" for 5è and 6è.

Here we have some pictures of the plays.

A Scientific Tuesday

Time for Science activities with the best teachers, Rosana and Lucía, Raul's and Clara's sisters. They came to teach us some amazing experiments to 5è class.

Thanks a lot, it's been great!

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

A different Monday!

On Monday we had a very busy busy day. Daniel, a student from Virginia University, came to 6è class to talk about Pop Classic Music, we all finished singing the songs!

In the afternoon, Raul's father, Rafael, taught us how to make videogames and we could play the game! Great!!

Meanwhile Albert, Isabel Montañés' son, was playing baseball with the 5è class. All in English, of course!! Good Job! 

jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

Yummy Yummy Day!

Thanks to Richard Browning for his amazing activities!

In P5 we decorated cupcakes and in P4 was the turn for funny cookies! 

Here you have some pictures, yummy!!

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Americans visit

Hello families!
Here you have the pictures of the American students, it was very interesting.
Thanks to them all!

lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015


Let's start!!!

Hello families! Our English Week has just begun. 

Last Friday some American students visited our school. We had great fun: from p4 to 6è we did different activities like storytelling for the little ones to American culture lectures for the older. 

We all enjoyed these workshops and we are waiting for many more this week! 

We'll let you know!

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Notting Hill carnival

Notting Hill carnival is one of the biggest feasts in Europe. They celebrate it on August at Bank Holidays. The first year they celebrated this carnival was in 1966.Now Notting Hill carnival is celebrated on all London. Carla Gombau

martes, 3 de febrero de 2015


Hello!!! Here we are again!!! Geting ready to celebrate Carnival!!! Every year we celebrate Carnival in Collserola school It's a really nice feast. We really like it because everybody gets dressed-up and the teachers buy "coca" that is a really nice kind of sweet bread . We eat it at the Pirate's park. It's really nice and funny to see everybody dressed-up!! Flora Ibáñez