jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013


We're starting to celebrate Halloween in school. In our 6è English class we are studing the origin of Halloween. Halloween was a celtic festival it celebrated the Celtic New year. In October English speaking countries, families go to farms to buy pumpkins. They take the pumpkins home to make a Jack O'lantern. On 31 October, children visit people's houses and ask for sweets. They say "TRICK OR TREAT" "Give me a sweet or I will play a trick on you!"

CURS 2013-2014

HELLO AGAIN! Welcome back to school girls and boys! This year we have an English blogger and the blogger is... me !I'm Ariadna from 6èA. This year in the blog my friends and me are going to speak about many school activities, school fashion,school music etc... everything that is going on in school. So, get ready because here we are!