jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Seeds project

Some more photos...

Healthy Food Project

We have started an exciting new English project with the 4th year called ¨Healthy Foods Project¨. A few classes ago, we began learning vocabulary for healthy foods such as carrots, strawberries, chicken, and water. After studying the vocabulary, we then decided to take a more practical approach to learning not only the healthy foods vocabulary, but also some useful phrases for buying and selling food. We created a ¨street¨ that had a variety of stores such as the vegetable shop, the fruit stand, and the grocery store. Then, the students colored signs and wrote down prices for the products that they would be buying and selling.

Ultimatley, the project has been a success! The students have really enjoyed going to different stores with their pretend shopping lists we have given them. They are also using fake money as they go around to each store and buying the products that they need.

The next step is to create our own healthy menu!

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Seeds Project

Hello! We are excited to share our exciting seeds project with you! Since January, the 6th year students have been working with Teresa and Natalie (our language assistant) to study and compare seeds from America and Catalunya.

Natalie, who is from the United States, has brought a sample of seeds from her grandparent´s farm in the state of South Carolina, where they have been farming the land for over two centuries. This is a unique opportunity for the students, because they are learning about seeds and plants from a different region of the world. Some of the seeds that they are studying are the Henderson Lima beans, the Siberian Kale, and the Wakefield Cabbage.

In order to compare the American and Catalan seeds, we have been studying how the seeds grow in a pinecone ecosystem. Initially, we observed how the pinecones reacted to water. We saw that as the pinecones remained in water for a long period of time, the pinecones closed. However, if the pinecone are out in the open air, they stay open. Upon realizing this, we decided to put the seeds in the dry pinecones and observe and investigate what would happen.

martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Treasure Island

Hello everyone! Today the girls and boys from 4th to 6th year have watched an exciting theater play about pirates called ¨Treasure Island.¨

We have been working on the play in our English Class the past week. We have learned quite a lot about ship vocabulary so that we could follow this play very well. Furthermore, we listened and sang all of the songs from the play beforehand. The song that we liked the best was ¨Come on Let´s Get Ready.¨

And here are the photos!